existing conditions


Cramped and ill designed are not great adjectives to describe a bathroom. With a feature hole in the floor, also not appealing. The only ‘wow’ in this bathroom is the great natural light streaming through the louvres which offered very friendly neighbour street views.


The easiest and cheapest option was to replace and update the shower and vanity, whilst keeping the plumbing in the same location. However this was not the best option. It was still going to feel cramped and awkward.

preliminary design

3d render

This to some is the fun part, as you come up with the design, and start to see your ideas fall onto paper.



Due to the existing conditions of the site, being a cramped small room with wonky walls full of abesotes, much care had to be taken to prepare the space before we could start to watch the much anticipiated space take shape.

The existing walls were straightened, a handy little nib wall built, and the space was starting to look like a bathroom.
The most exciting part of the process was each day seeing the tiler place those beautiful tiles on the wall. It was a week long process as the tiler matched the grain on the tiles to create a calmly considered pattern across the side wall of the shower.