existing conditions

preliminary design

street frontage

The existing house presented rather dismally to the street. I do not now what else needs to be said. I think the photographs capture the essence of this sad looking house.
There are two problems that required solving.
1. Providing two additional onsite carparking.
2. Beautifying this ugly duckling.






site plan

Whilst the plan is being formed, a survey can be ordered. Sometimes you may already have one available, from when you purchased or built your house. The survey will provide accurate existing site conditions. This information will illustrate the slope of the block, any services, existing structures and importantly the property boundary locations, to ensure that we comply with any local regulations.

drafting and design

This plan was done by a site measure, before a survey was recevied. The carport is within the allowable front boundary setbacks and therefore requries a ‘variation’. At this stage any variances to the Local authority regulations will be flagged.

finalising the plans

Once the owner confirmed that they are happy with the structural elements of the design, the plans are sent to the engineer.

The engineer provided a slab design and framing design. The slab design uses the information from a soil test which nominates the different soil types. Understandably different soil types require different footing and slab designs. The soil at this site is clay loam, which expands and contracts substantially relating to the moisture content.

Upon receiving the engineer’s design the plans can be updated and finalised to reflect the engineers specifications.

Once updated the plans are sent to the certifier for approval.


Due to the slope, we opted to provide a drop edge footing. This is where the side of the slab drops lower on one side to met the slope. This is done to reduce the amount of extra fill and additional retaining walls required.

The engineering nominates how the builder is to construct the slab to suit the conditions on site. The engineer will nominate the connection details of how the steel posts attach to the slab, the size of the posts, beams, and other relevant structural componants of the job.

street appeal

The front gable of the house was just a simple design, which will be reflected in the main house gable, to both the front and rear when the house is painted.

The driveway is plain concrete, broom finished for slip resistance, but with a simple paving strip through the middle of it, to create visual interest to break up the large expanse.

retaining wall

The drop edge footing extend along the rear of the carport, and was utilised in conjunction with a retaining wall to provide a raised garden to reduce the visual impact of the concrete.