saddliers crossing

existing conditions

A beautiful cottage ready for a loving restoration.

Overtime previous extensions occurred. I find it fascinating pulling apart the pieces of history. Noting the change of cladding between the front and the back. The different roof lines, as the house grew with different families and needs throughout its long life.

The clients being super handy themselves, started the demo in the existing part of the house during the Preliminary stage. Finding little treasures like the painted floorboards, from an era bygone. Painted floor boards were used for both practical and financial reasons. Paint was cheaper then decorative rugs and also wasn’t as attractive to little home wreckers like fleas, ticks and moths.

preliminary design

The clients had a fair idea of what they wanted to achieve and only required fine-tuning to put their thoughts onto paper. The front of the house was to remain, and the rear was to extend to add a large deck for entertaining and a master suite.

building approval

external consultants

Engineer. The engineer is required to specify the posts and beams required to remove the internal walls. The new extension needs a slab and footing design

Certifier. The certifier is required to ensure that the engineering is provided and that the plans comply with the Local Authority requirements and the QDC.


The original landing now serves as a corridor between the original house and the new parents’ retreat at the rear.

Using a clever walkway and void from the old to the new. The use of windows to give sneak peeks between the different spaces, allowing the light to filter through.

From the rear of the house, it’s all about capturing and appreciating the large expansive yard backing onto the tree lined waterway.


The owners selected to respect the history of the home, and retained the original house name and plaque.