wynnum west

existing conditions

The existing house had good solid bones with a solid practical floor plan. It just need a little refresh.

The floor plan itself is a tried and tested design commonly used in government houses through the 1960’s not just in the Brisbane area, but across Australia. Updating to suit a more modern way of living, is simply the removal of the wall diving the kitchen from the living and creating a large open plan space which highlights the kitchen rather then hiding it away.

preliminary design

The clients required both floor plans and internal elevations. The engineer is required to nominate the beam required to support the roof once the kitchen/living dividing wall is removed. Often at this stage it is unknown whether the beam required will be able to be hidden in the ceiling. Or whether it will protrude down into the ceiling space and be hidden with a bulkhead.

building approval

external consultants

Engineer. The engineer was consulted to provide the steel post and beam design and specification for the removal of the internal walls.

Certifier. The certifier is required to check that the engineering and the plans comply with Local Authority Requirements.

colour selection

The clients engaged Stephanie from Margaux Interiors to select their colours.


get back black, gun metal gray is the way!