Preliminary Design

When it is a Queenslander with Heritage protection, extra constraints create an extra challenge. The scope of the project was to raise and build under. Whilst the house was up on blocks, it was shuffled over to gain maximum back yard space.

Building Approval

External Consultants

Town Planner. Brisbane City Council city plan had overlays of both Heritage and Traditional building character. Due to the this a town planner was engaged at the beginning of the project to provide recommendations to ensure a smoother, quicker process in the DA application.

Engineer. The engineer is required to redesign the underneath of the house to remove all the existing concrete posts, and replace them with steel posts that will be located in the future walls. A slab and footing design is required based on a soil test. A deck to the rear requires a bearers and joist layout.

Certifier. The certifier is required to ensure that all requirements of this block are meet. This includes ensuring that the DA has been approved, that the engineering has been provided and that the plans comply with QDC and NCC requirements. As the proposed front stair position was forward of the allowable setbacks, a relaxation would generally be required, but because we submitted a DA, that variation was captured in that application.


Due to the overall high cost of a raise and build under, my client has elected to construct the build in stages. Stage one is to raise and move the house over. And then reinstate the existing stairs for access. In the future they will provide a slab ready for the build in.