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bathroom & ensuite decks & verandahs kitchen & laundry carport new house design

bathroom & ensuite

  • Reconfigure existing floor space to improve functionality
  • Provide alternative options to suit budget constraints
  • Floor plans
  • Internal elevations
  • Suggest tiles, colours, fixtures
  • Recommend trades

decks & verandahs

  • Collaborate and design a space to suit your requirements
  • Consider existing and future hard and soft landscaping
  • Create a livable space
  • Orientation consideration
  • Materials
  • Site plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations

kitchen & laundry

  • Discuss configuration to ensure optimum usability
  • Provide alternative options to suit budget constraints
  • Floor plans
  • Internal elevations
  • Suggest tiles, colours, fixtures, materials, products
  • Recommend trades
  • Liaise with cabinet makers


  • Collaborate and design usable car and storage accommodation
  • Provide alternative options to suit budget constraints
  • Site plans
  • Floor plans
  • External elevations
  • Suggest colours & materials
  • Recommend trades

new house design

  • Collaborate and design a home to suit your requirements
  • Site visits
  • Orientation consideration
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Provide alternative options to suit budget constraints
  • Preliminary plans
  • Plans for council approval
  • Full set of working drawings

we love knowledge

  • Bachelor of Design, interior Environments
  • Building Designer • QBCC 15055942
  • Diploma of Interior Design & Technology

we love design

We appreciate honor and respect that
the space designed, will influence how
you live.

We believe in simplicity and practical
designs, for livable solutions.

We collaborate with you, starting with
any sketches or with a basic brainstorm.


the stalk that supports a leaf, flower, or fruit.

stem, stemming to arise or originate



stemmed, stemming to make progress against
[any opposition]

stemmed, stemming to make headway against
[a tide, current, gale etc]



the main, or usually vertical stroke of a letterform





existing conditions bathroom Cramped and ill designed are not great adjectives to describe a bathroom. With a feature hole in the floor, also not appealing. The only 'wow' in this bathroom is the great natural light streaming through the louvres which offered very...

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existing conditions preliminary design street frontage The existing house presented rather dismally to the street. I do not now what else needs to be said. I think the photographs capture the essence of this sad looking house.There are two problems that required...

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“First impressions. Stella was on time and clearly knew her stuff which gave me confidence in the process. We had an initial run through of the project which clarified things for both of us, then she got started on a measure up. I walked away pretty clear on the next steps which was good.”


“Helpful flexible and always available.”


“Stella has been right on target with every request so please pass on our thanks”


“All ways get a follow msg all get keeper in the loop all ways know what’s going on if changes happen. I am told as it happens.”

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